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At Nine Wedding, we believe that each and every wedding deserves to be documented. If you're looking for photographers and videographers that

  • Have no hidden fees, upfront and straightforward pricing
  • Are professional, high energy and accommodative
  • Deliver high quality photos and videos

Then Nine Wedding is the perfect place for you, our goal is to provide beautiful photos and videos that are inexpensive.

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About us

How Nine Wedding Was Born


Nicholas (Founder):

We chose the name Nine Wedding because the number nine (九, jiΗ”) symbolises the chinese word for eternal (δΉ…,jiΗ”).

We started with a simple mission: Make beautiful wedding photography inexpensive, so that every couple in Singapore can afford to have their weddings memorialised.

This mission came from my own wedding story: I was 26 when I got married. My wife and I held a simple church wedding ceremony. We had just started working and didn't have much money. We had no banquet and didn't even have the budget for a wedding photographer.

Luckily, my good friend, who was a photographer, insisted that we needed to document our big day and offered his services to us for free. Now looking back many years later, I cannot imagine having nothing to look back on, nothing to help me relive that memory.

I will forever be grateful to my friend, and because I do not wish for anyone to be in the same situation I was in, Nine Wedding was born.

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